What tools you are using for website analytics?

Analytics helps to take important decisions for your business . It guides you where the action are happening and how the users are acting with your product or service . Back 2017 I don’t have any search bar in my website . Suddenly I thought I should put a search bar so that users can get what they are looking for by doing search . After that I added a search bar and also installed a WordPress plugin (search meter) to see what is my users search query . I was astonished , users are looking for “education theme, charity theme , children school themes and so on” and I have no plan to build those themes a year . Then I thought I should follow my visitors need . I build few themes based on the search query and I got a good amount of downloads + sales . After , this I got a strong lesson that I should discover more analytics/data to grow my business. Thus, I implement some tools in my website for more analytics . Such as google analytics , hotjar , ahrefs and so on . Even I completed a course offered by google for google analytics from their google academy . Please take a look on my tools I use my daily activities to get more analytics for my website

1- Google Analytics

Among all the analytics product this one is the most popular and most reliable data presenting website . Just adding a script in your website you will get a ton of data totally free of cost , for example user behavior , organic users , new users , location , real time visitor etc . Here is a list of data you can get from google analytics .

You can even put your own target to get more

2- Ahref:

3- Nightwatch

4- Hotjar

5- Zopim Chat

6- mix panel

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